Technical Specifications

USB Interface
  • Interface USB 2.0 High-Speed - 480Mb/sec
  • USB dual-interface device
  • No driver installation needed (the needed driver support is natively installed on every Operating System)


Operating Systems

    The XLight™ architecture was designed for Windows operating systems. Soon it will be available the support for Apple OSX environment.

    Thus XLightSD™ will protect OsX applications and provide the same degree of protection offered in Windows.


  • Cortex M4  168 MHz processor
  • Fully compliant with XLight architecture protection
  • No changes are needed to the source code of your protected applications. Just updated our libraries and everything will work as before, but much faster 
Mass Storage
    • Up to 128 GBytes of memory space
    • Memory configuration allow to export one or two logical drives (disks).
    • Disks encrypted onboard independently of the operating system. They can be managed with different security policies.