The software protection XLight™ architecture is now enriched with a new amazing device. XLightSD™: your application and its protection in a single portable device.

    Thanks to the CortexM4 processor with a 168MHz clock, XLightSD implements XLight™ technology combined with a storage unit that can handle hardware encrypted disks on-the-fly

    You can make your application to decide whether allow the access to the encrypted data in read-write or read-only mode.

Mass Storage

    Today it is offered with 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 Gbytes of memory size and provides the possibility to partition the space into multiple logical drives (disks) with different safety features.

  • normal unencrypted disk
  • read only disk with a password for entering the write mode
  • inaccessible disk with a password to mount it either in read or write mode 



    Thanks to the 32-bit CortexM4 processor running at 168 MHz, the performance of the product are truly remarkable.

    We have maintained the effectiveness of the XLight™ protection, its ease of use, and its fundamental characteristic of being driverless.

    We've added the storage capacity of a hard drive, but not an usual one: an on-the-fly encrypted disk, in a completely transparent way to the operating system.

Data security

    The data is encrypted with the AES algorithm with 256-bit key, state of the art for symmetric key encryption.

    It is impossible to clone the storage device: the data is cryptographically bound to the specific XLightSD device.

    Not only your application will be safe, but your data will be protected like never before.